The aim of the ‘Green VET Online Campus’ project is to respond to the twin digital and green transition in VET through transnational exchange, sharing of educational resources and innovative learning experiences accessible to all learners worldwide.

More specifically, VETRCAMP aims to:

  • Create a unique, state-of-the-art, technology-enhanced, fully regulated Online Campus for VET providers.
  • Develop a Regulatory Framework based on the OER approach for creating, sharing, capitalising on existing resources and finally delivering online VET courses.
  • Support the effective digital capacity planning and development of new high-quality VET online courses that align with the digital recognition of learning outcomes and the use of digital services (eg. Europass).
  • Design and deliver targeted quality online courses that equip learners with high demand green skills.
  • Overcome barriers that exist in face-to-face classrooms, such as geographic location, physical impediments and socioeconomic contexts that can create inaccessible learning environments.