O1 Green VET Online Campus courses

The vision behind VET Online Campus is to initiate and foster a circle of educational knowledge building and sharing by supporting the development of reusable and sharable learning content and didactic scenarios (create), encouraging teachers and trainers to discover, review, critique and build on others’ work (use) and enabling teachers and trainers to integrate others’ work into their own teaching (remix).

O1 responds to the need to boost the capacity of the VET sector to deliver the skills for sustainability and required in the workplace and enhance the digital capabilities of VET organizations and trainers. VETCAMP will offer at least 8 green VET courses via the VET Online Campus.

Target groups of O1: VET organizations, VET teachers & VET students.

O1 Activities

O1/T1: Teaching strategy

O1/T2: Digital strategy

O1/T3: Accessibility and inclusion

O1/T4: Learning content

O2 Green VET Online Campus

VET providers increasingly integrate digital learning resources into their education processes and thereby recognize the advantages of a sharing and reuse culture. However, too many educational resources are still buried in closed content management systems, in local databases or on individual or institutional websites and are often not sustainably maintained. Also, the transition to remote learning is especially challenging for smaller VET institutions and those which are particularly limited in resources. The Green VET Online Campus aims to overcome such barriers and remove technological limitations around green learning recourses digitization, adaptation and sharing.

O2 responds to the need to develop a high-performing digital education ecosystem which will give VET institutions the opportunity to capitalize on existing resources. The ecosystem will be based upon an open source edx online platform that will enable the development and sharing online VET courses. It will serve as a one-stop-shop providing instant access to the full suite of the learning resources, and other OERs that will comprise the VETCAMP learning resources. A Regulatory Framework will standardize the Campus’ training programmes and certification.

Target groups of O2: VET leaders, including institutional leadership, VET teachers and trainers & VET students.

O1 Activities

O2/T1: Green VET Online Campus Regulatory Framework

O2/T2: Intellectual Property Rights management

O2/T3: VETCAMP Online Platform