“Green Skills in the Digital Age: The importance of the VETCAMP project for the VET Sector”

The day started with a welcome to the participants by Olena Korzhykova, Director of DomSpain, Júlia Vilafranca, Head of the International Projects department, and Arianna Vitiello, Project Manager. This was followed by the presentation of the Espai Boule, a historic building of great importance to our city and the central workspace for DomSpain.

Vicent Villena, pedagogue, science and orientation teacher, is currently the ambassador of the ‘Classrooms for the Future’ project. He explained the objectives of the project and its current situation in Catalonia.The project aims to transform learning spaces through the use of technology, focussing on active teaching and learning methods. It reorganises classrooms into six zones: Research, Explore, Interact, Develop, Create and Present. These areas are equipped with digital tools that facilitate active student participation and engagement.

The VetCamp project was presented at the event. The objective is to enable VET educators to promote online learning in a green and sustainable way.
The project helps VET teachers and VET institutions to adapt to digital tools and techniques for online learning.

The aim of the project is to offer eight training modules and an online campus with additional resources. Participants had access to materials produced by the partnership, best practices, practical exercises and case studies. The event mainly attracted VET professors, managers of VET institutions, educators, VET students and VET institution staff.

After the theoretical sessions, the participants took part in a dynamic way in the Escape Room “Interactive experience, digital tools and blended learning solutions (online and face-to-face)”.

This day served as a platform for educators to explore innovative pedagogical approaches and digital tools for the classroom of the future, adapting to the changing needs of education in a technology-driven world.